Structures towards Emancipation, Participation and Solidarity

Thursday, 25.07.2024
An Action Research Project in the European Union Community Action Programme to combat Discrimination

Structures towards Emancipation, Participation and Solidarity

Results of the project: The STEPS-project came to an end in August 2004. The results of the three year project are published in section "Results".

According to the UN-Standard rules on equal opportunities for people with disabilities and the EU-Charter of Civil Rights, people with learning disabilities have to be recognised as equal members and citizens of society.

The action research project "Steps" focused on structures, instruments and methods to combat discrimination of people with learning disabilities and to develop advocacy services. It has aimed at full participation and free access to materials, cultural and social resources, such as housing, leisure and work. It was financed by the European Commission, Employment and Social Affairs DG, in the frame of the Community action programme to combat discrimination 2001 - 2006.

"Steps" intended to collect experiences in Europe through local partnerships of experts involved in reforming and restructuring social services in the countries involved. The established International network in "Steps" includes five autonomous European city-partnerships in the following municipalities:

Each local partnership includes the key-stakeholders in the field of social services for people with learning disabilities: administration, carers and providers and scientific research links - each consulted by a group of users and self advocacy groups.

Websites of the local projects:

STEPS - Structures towards Emancipation, Participation and Solidarity
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